Corporate Training

We have pursued to overcome typical corporate challenges the IT professional and Organizational Leaders face. Shrinking or limited budgets are a reality. Your investment in training must be focused, tailored and guaranteed. Most importantly the time and money invested must provide immediate and job specific returns. Our instructor led training solutions conveniently fit the budget and time constraints of the organizations. Our Corporate Training Solutions strives to provide am extremely affordable solutions to the demanding needs of your company.

Strategic Technologies Group provide  lab services for your enrolled employees. One on One training is provided on student convenient timings and conducting discussion for doubts clarification after the session.


  • A cost-effective employee training alternative to sending employees out of the office to expensive classrooms. Save money with the most flexible pricing options in the industry.
  • Train your employees on critical topics so they can be more productive and more knowledgeable in the workplace. High-quality and engaging employee training courses.
  • Manage your students and keep track of their performance on any of our corporate training courses with our Learning Management System.