Classroom Training

Classroom learning typically offers a multi sensory appeal. You can participate actively with hands on activities and case studies and also have access to the instructor in class.Our instructors have well over 9 years of experience in teaching the revolutionary technologies we offer.
Interaction with the instructor and other students in the class allows you to benefit form the experiences of the other students.
If you are interested in building and maintaining a personal and professional relationships during your education, classrooms also offer greater personal contact with other students.
We are well ahead of our competition in providing state of the art and have set ourselves a step ahead and above the entire teaching industry in providing quality classroom training The satisfaction of the students completing the course at our facility is very high and are more than excited in acquiring a job in any MNC or creating a new innovative application all by themselves.
The premises is well facilitated with all the required needs of the student at a very reasonable price. During the course the students will be provided with soft-copies and hard-copies of the course in which they have enrolled themselves.
We make sure that it would be an unforgettable and a very cherishing experience.